As coronavirus remains a frequent topic of global news, you must have questions about what companies  are doing in response and what actions individuals should take. Below is a set of questions and answers that we have prepared to keep you informed.

What is Coronavirus?

The Novel Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that was first detected in Wuhan, China. It is capable of spreading from person-to-person and symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Symptoms can appear as little as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure. 98.9% of cases have occurred in mainland China.

How does Coronavirus spread?

The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through contact with an infected person through respiratory droplets generated when a person, for example, coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. It is important that everyone practice good respiratory hygiene. For example, sneeze or cough into a flexed elbow, or use a tissue and discard it immediately into a closed bin. It is also very important for people to wash their hands regularly with either alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

What are companies doing to respond to the Coronavirus?

Most of the global companies are suspending all business travel to and from the Greater China Region, including Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea or Taiwan, to other global locations. Coronavirus task forces have been activated in all sectors and coronavirus response plans and associate materials deployed.  Some others have secured sufficient face masks, hand sanitizer and temperature gauges for our Greater China locations and increased cleaning and disinfection frequency

I am concerned about contracting the Coronavirus, what should I do?

Best practices for avoiding infection include, washing your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers if soap and water are not available, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and throwing the tissue in the trash immediately after you use it.

All business travel from within the Greater China Region, including Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, to sites outside the Sector has been temporarily suspended in most of the global companies. Until the restriction has been lifted, please take advantage of our telepresence options such as Zoom or Skype.

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