Increasing productivity by means of a pair of headphones.

Increasing productivity by means of a pair of headphones.

Increasing productivity by means of a pair of headphones.


We can find different clothes or outfits in our closet. We have many choices to choose depending on the current moment. Actually, we do not wear the same clothes when working, having dinner with friends or beach holidays. Just like the moment defines what we wear, our job defines the kind of music we want to listen to and become more productive. 

Concentration, mood and stress management get altered by the songs that are listened while working. The key is about knowing the kind of music to be the proper one when doing our different work tasks. There are clothes that actually make you feel more comfortable like pajamas or sportswear. On the other hand, both suit and tie are worn for more formal moments involving more attention from us. It happens the same with music.    

Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and writer of This is Your Brain on Music, carried out a study to explain that optimistic music is well suggested to be listened for recurring tasks, while fast beat pop music and lyrics are great to be motivated. The purpose of these songs is to increase concentration in mind and avoid falling asleep.  

A second study carried out by David Lewis in cooperation with MusicWorks shows the following. Classic music allows numerical problem solving and paying attention to details. Atmospheric music might be another convenient choice for this kind of works. If you want to be stress-relieved, just relax and play some lo-fi music.

A kind of music is suggested to be listened according to the task you are doing. Now that you know this, you can make your own setlists or follow the ones according to your working style. 

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