Happiness Remains in Cooperation

Current work environments are totally competitive. This is what we call the capitalism’s law of the jungle, where a company’s fate is in balance, quarter after quarter. This actually leads the partners to think selfishly and individually, which can turn into a frightening and hostile environment. In order to avoid this situation to happen, leaders must make both cooperation and teamwork to become part of the company’s culture, as well as rewarding the team’s efforts with regard to individual achievements.

Human beings are naturally social beings and hence, although we currently live in a very competitive culture, the best results are obtained by those companies that encourage cooperative work, those companies that recognize and value teamwork, and understand that cooperation between each other and working for common goals can produce amazing results and create feelings of well-being, confidence and company. It is not the same to carry out tasks lonely having an individual achievement than using synergy with a group of partners, whom we actually share both success and failure with, enhance efforts, reduce time for commitment and we all become more efficient.

Each one of us has determined skills, knowledge and capacities. When all of these are together with those from other partners, we will have a series of abilities that are supplemented with each other and enhance the task or goal fulfillment more quickly and efficiently. A team working for the same goal in a companionship and fellowship environment, supported by a positive leadership and good working conditions will surely be a group of supportive partners, who will give their best efforts in order to achieve goals, and will be happy for the company they work in to grow up successfully since they will feel part of and have reason for that success.

For this reason, it is required to highlight the importance of recovering both cooperation and teamwork inside the organizational culture’s values of any company since we all people are happier when working together, we create feelings of empathy, belonging and sympathy and hence we feel safer, which is going to be reflected in the short or mid-term from the organization members’ productivity and efficiency.