Liberate Yourself from Stress

The modern world can lead us to full-stress conditions when taking us to points where we think that stress is taking over. Evidently, this is not good, neither for you nor for your health specially.

There are many methods for relaxation, but there is not always time and chances to have a massage or a transcendent meditation session in order to feel refreshed.

Even in front of the computer, there are some simple methods that we can use, which can actually turn into something that can change our everyday activities completely.

Breathing might seem something logical to do since we do this every day. However, deep breathing helps reduce tension and releases stress because of the oxygenation loading increase.

Try to breathe 10 times deeply.

The next tip sounds a bit mystical, but it is not actually: Apply pressure to the space on the palm of the hand, where both the index and middle fingers are located, in order to feel a sense of instant peace, as suggested by Sharon Melnick, who wrote the book “Success Under Stress”.

This way, you can release pressure by putting pressure.


Finally, take some time to watch a video. Do it without fault. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing provides better oxygenation, stimulates lung function, increases endorphins and relaxes the muscles.

Liberate yourself from stress easily.