Mental health and remote working.

We all get used to sharing moments with workmates, having a set schedule to move, going out of the office and having some activities to do. Lastly, we get used to organizing our working life regarding our personal life.

However, the current prevention and control measures have been a factor to modify all of the working methods that we know so far. This way, remote working was massively implemented.

If you have recently changed your working station for home office, you should know that having your mental and emotional health balanced is important in order for these changes not to affect you neither at work nor personally.


One good suggestion we can give you is that you can make the best of the time you used to spend to move or in other things. For example, you can do that always-wanted exercise but you did not have time before, or you can read, watch some series, have a delicious breakfast or dinner, or even sleep a little bit more. In the end, that time is all yours and spending time on your own things might be very healthy for you.

Likewise, having a lunch hour, taking a break for it and making healthy food to eat calmly might be also rewarding.

All of the people who have worked remotely know that we lose the sense of time sometimes, and then we realize that it is midnight already. Therefore, we recommend you to set an alarm clock including all of the schedules matching your work, and you will have a schedule addressed to your own leisure. It is also important to remember that, even distantly, socializing is essential to keep your mental health well, feel great and be productive in your professional activities.


Such a crisis has allowed us to value the importance of workers’ mental health related to both productivity and best performance. Therefore, companies consider that it is necessary to take care of their partners’ physical and mental health, as well as respecting their remote working schedules, allowing them to have holidays and reinforcing safety measures and protocols in case we all come back to normal work.

You have to remember that a well-balanced partner is equal to a productive and happy partner.