Remote working and relocation to most affordable cities.


Have you ever thought of moving to your most favorite city? Do you think you can reduce costs of living by residing in a smaller city and doing home office?

In light of the current health crisis, many employers sent their employees home to work, and there are even companies that have already changed their working method definitively. Therefore, most of the personnel will not work in the office but at home. That is the new normality that we have to face sooner or later, and ahead of this many people have thought about the chance to live in places that have a most affordable lifestyle for all of them.



Such free mobility might be very positive for employees’ mental health, who would actually avoid doing unnecessary travels and would have greater chances to live in better and cheaper places, either rural areas, beaches or suburbs

This situation may cause changes in the way smaller cities build their economy, boost both housing increase and transportation, as well as many advantages for goods and services from these places. However, following the pandemic, we have to remember that not all of the employers can suggest doing a home office and hence we have to be concerned about having a great life quality wherever we all are.

When companies value their personnel to be trained and motivated, companies will possibly have efficient, productive employees, who are willing to live wherever they want to.