Remote working and job interviews

Gestures, ways of sitting, body language, and even the outfit you wear for job interviews have been all left behind due to limitations on health contingency. Nowadays, job interviews may be conducted distantly as well, which is a situation requiring additional skills provided by both the companies’ workers and the Human Resources Departments.

Shoes might not be seen in a remote interview possibly, but your mindset is always important. Therefore, a proactive, honest, authentic, fully confident mindset is a good start, without ignoring a clean and neat look.


Look for a proper, with no distraction place at home, where you feel comfortable and avoid having distractions there. You are evidently looking for a place in a company and hence it is required to be formal about it.

Timeliness is essential in both ways physically and online. Therefore, activate your computer and headphones, check your Wi-Fi connection and get all of your required elements ready for the interview.


Finally, ask all of the questions you have about the job. Remember that if you are working remotely, you will not have a chance to see neither the company nor its partners.

Remote procedures on personnel selection are here to stay and possibly most of the interviews you have will be online. Keep a good mindset and show you can take that job you are wishing for.